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Spring Graduation 2019: Stories of Hope


Orange County Rescue Mission’s graduation ceremony is a joyful, celebratory event. Many of the graduates have been part of our communities for up to two years; we have shared significant seasons of life together. I am reminded at the graduation of how far these friends have come, and the journey they have had to travel to get to this point of graduation.  Though they have come from places of pain and darkness, they now rise to new life in Jesus, hopeful for a bright future.

Graduating from a Rescue Mission program is a very difficult  accomplishment. It requires a total commitment, perseverance, humility and the courage to change and let go of the past. But at the graduation ceremony, every person exclaims that it is worth it.

What they have gained in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, a completely restored life and a hope filled future….it is hard to express in words the value and worth of what they have. It is truly a new life!

I invite you to listen to the stories of our most recent graduates and enjoy these life-affirming, God-glorifying testimonies.

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