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Spotlight on Lightopia


There are two kinds of people in the world; those that seek the spotlight and those that create their own light.




In the same way that we are all drawn to light, we are also drawn toward positive people who emanate passion, inspiration and dedication to leave the world better than how we found it.

Kennth Vick, owner of Lightopia, a modern and contemporary interior design and lighting shop in Orange County and friend Jon Carreon both worked to shed light on the cause of the Orange County Rescue Mission by generously giving 350 lbs of food in our most crucial time of need. Opening up their social circles and using their influence to spread the word about the cause of helping the homeless has echoed awareness to more people wanting to help lead more men, women and children from hopelessness to hope.

In an annual effort to help the Orange County Rescue Mission, I am excited to partner with Lightopia and this dynamic community of creatives to further the cause of rescuing more homeless off the streets of Orange County in 2014.

If you and your company have a similar dream to impact the community of Orange County, connect with us at to partner efforts toward rescuing more men, women and children off the streets.

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