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Have you seen the latest Coca-Cola campaign “Share a Coke”?

This brilliant marketing campaign has Coke producing product with individual names printed on their bottle labels. This creative spin on a mass product is bringing personality and individuality to every consumer.

I mention Coca-Cola, not to promote a popular beverage but because this is a company that is putting their money where their mouth is. 

Coca-Cola Volunteers

Coca-Cola Volunteers

Coca-Cola Volunteers

Today the Village of Hope was infiltrated by red-shirted Coca-Cola volunteers when 75 men and women from around the United States joined together to serve our community’s least, last and lost.

While serving in our kitchen, cleaning our facility, building food boxes, maintaining our grounds, and helping to prepare for upcoming events these volunteers confirmed that big business can still have an interest in the health of local communities while impacting beyond the manufacturing and sales of their product.

Coca-Cola volunteers IMG_9930 IMG_9933 IMG_9940

Thank you Coca-Cola for investing in the Rescue Mission today!

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