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September Employee of the Month


Employee of the Month – September

What is your full name? Donna Naccachian

Where did you grow up? I haven’t grown up yet. I’ll let you know…

How do you spend your free time? I’ve yet to have free time. I spend my life with friends and family partying with a purpose.

What’s your favorite food?  Armenian food with a Mexican twist

What was your dream job? I never dreamt about work EVER. I only dreamt about my next vacation.

How long have you been at the mission? Not quite long enough…!

Each month we like to highlight an employee who exemplifies the mission, philosophy, and values of our organization.

Donna Naccachian, Major Gifts Officer for the Orange County Rescue Mission, is September’s employee of the month. Donna is known as our “Ambassador” of the Village of Hope as she is always showing the love and joy of Jesus and is often found around the Village guiding tours or cheerleading our students.

When Donna is in her office, she can usually be found on the phone soliciting donations, sharing our stories and successes, or thanking our donors for their gifts to our ministry.

We’re proud to have Donna on our team and we congratulate her on being September’s Employee of the Month



What brought you here to the mission?

They promised me a hot meal for $1.48.

What do you love most about your job?

The opportunity to serve others

What inspires/motivates you every day?

My creditors – they had a long talk with me…

What does your worst day at the mission look like?

I haven’t had one so far

How have you grown since coming to the mission?

Professionally? Spiritually? Personally? Each day I have an opportunity to live out my faith.

What is one of your short-term goals/long-term goals?

To be able to get up and go to work just one more day

What is your strength?

God is the strength of my life

What is your weakness?

Too numerous to mention.


Armenian Christian Fellowship

Favorite Verse/Quote/Book?

If Satan keeps bringing up your past, it’s because he’s run out of new material. – Pastor Jentzen Franklin


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