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Sandra Finds Shelter


“It’s the worst feeling in the world…”

Sandra’s story is the unfortunate, familiar plight of many  in Orange County. The cost of living drives many struggling families into motels until money runs out, forcing parents and children to turn to the streets until enough finances come through for another couple nights to rent a room. This story has a hopeful turn when men, women and children are able to come to the Orange County Rescue Mission, where food and shelter are provided in order to give them time to get back up on their feet.

Because of your giving, Sandra not only has a room for her kids, but she also is able to enjoy parenting classes and bible studies to help equip and prevent her past from repeating itself. Watch Sandra’s story and be inspired by this mother’s determination to care for her family, but also be inspired by the investment of your giving toward the transformation of her family’s future.

 Sandra's Story

Watch Sandra’s story HERE.

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