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Running 12 Years Strong!


This year marks the 12th Anniversary of Orange County Rescue Mission’s partnership with Up and Running Again! Not only do they run half marathons with students, the homeless men and women in our programs, but they also teach our students invaluable skills like goal setting, dedication, persistence, and team building.

Up and Running Again is a 14-week program that helps non-runners slowly build and progress to run 13.1 miles successfully. The program encourages students to build healthy physical and mental habits while pursuing a common goal. They push themselves to test their physical limits and learn that they can accomplish much more than they ever thought possible! After our students complete this program, they are healthier, more motivated, and more connected to one another than ever before. Click here to learn about the history of Up and Running Again and the beginning of our partnership.

Thank you Up and Running Again for faithfully serving our community for 12 years. We are excited to continue our partnership in the years to come!

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