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Restoration Roasters Brews Up Hope at CoffeeCon LA 2018!


Earlier this month, CoffeeCon LA 2018 brimmed with coffee enthusiasts, all coming together for a love of all things coffee. Our very own Restoration Roasters was glad to attend, and add their unique flavor and personality to the mix!

This was an incredible opportunity for Restoration Roasters to build relationships within the coffee community and most importantly, share the mission and vision of the Rescue Mission. Restoration Roasters was recognized among other roasters, not only for the great coffee brews, but because of it’s unique mission to train formerly homeless individuals in the field of craft coffee. Through this model, these men and women not only gain work experience in a field they most likely would otherwise not have encountered, but they also gain self-confidence through the realization that they can learn and master a completely new and different skill. We have seen incredible life-transformations through Restoration Roasters and I am so glad we were able to share this at CoffeeCon LA 2018!

I am so proud of the Restoration Roasters team for representing the Rescue Mission at this exciting event! Please take a look at the following article, which highlights Restoration Roasters at CoffeeCon LA 2018:

Read more about 2018 CoffeeCon LA here…

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