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Rescue Mission Stories


You help moms like Shawnasty find a safe place to start a new life.

Rescue Mission stories

Shawnasty called the cops the night her husband’s drunken abuse turned violent. He had been kicked out of the military and life was chaotic. They lost their home and were staying with family . . . no home to call their own. But Shawnasty wanted a better life for herself and her two daughters.

Just a week before she came to the Rescue Mission, she was beaten by two women in front of her husband: “He just watched it happen and didn’t defend me at all. That’s when I knew that I wanted to go through divorce. I felt that God opened my eyes through this circumstance.”

God was saying, “Wake up, you need to go.”

At the Rescue Mission Shawnasty says, “I feel like I’m in a safe zone, recovering from anything that is not of God. I knew the Rescue Mission was going to help us get back on our feet . . . with having our own place and managing our money better. We needed everything that they offer.”

The mental abuse in her marriage took a toll on the whole family. “The counseling has been so awesome. My girls are learning how to express themselves and their feelings.

The staff is always here to help me . . . I’m taking parenting classes to help me break from the parental guidance I had growing up. I am determined to break that cycle.”

Shawnasty has three words for anyone in a situation like hers: “DON’T GIVE UP!”

YOU gave her the freedom to dream again!

Now that Shawnasty has a safe place for her family, she’s looking ahead. “I’ve set goals for myself: to get more involved with church, to provide a stable, safe environment for my kids. And I want to go back to school to become a medical assistant.”

She has an important message to share with everybody who supports the Rescue Mission:

“God bless you for pouring into our lives with faith, hope and belief and never giving up on the lost and broken people that are here. It’s because of you that we can be here and have a place to live and have food. If this place didn’t exist, we probably would be living in our car. THANK YOU!”


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