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Raising World Changers


The posture of empathy toward my neighbors and community grabbed my attention at a young age. The minute I was aware of neighboring families that were struggling, I was uncomfortable until I was able to find a way to help.

Now with a family of my own, it is important to me to open my kids’ eyes to our family’s role in community.

Mickey Mouse

Because Disney is a key supporter of the Orange County Rescue Mission, their community relations team graciously invests in our staff regarding leadership training and brainstorming ways to get families involved in the causes of fighting homelessness and hunger in Orange County.

With our goals to provide families outlets of service together and ways to help parents pass values down to their kids, OCRM is invested in finding ways for families to plug into the community together.

How would your family respond to these statements?

-In our neighborhood, we look out for one another.

-Our family feels close to teachers, coaches, and others in the community.

-Each family member participates in programs and activities that enrich his or her life.

-Each family member has people and places in the community she or he can turn to for help.

As we move forward and look to the next generation to continue a legacy of caring for the least, the last and the lost and ultimately the good of the overall community, OCRM is committed to bringing about awareness of those in need. When hunger and homelessness are an issue in our own neighborhood, it is our responsibility to find solutions.

Help us brainstorm ideas for family involvement; what are some ways that you and your family could contribute to the cause of ending homelessness and hunger alongside OCRM?

Give a gift as a family today:

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