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R U Hungry? They are!


Life of a Food Box
Watch the life of a food box here

Typically the idea of hunger drums up images of children in 3rd world countries, but I meet families in Orange County every day who are struggling to find their next meal. Kids and parents who know the pain of hunger all too well, that have never known healthy nutrition or the comfort of three meals a day.

The Orange County Rescue Mission partners with Second Harvest Food Bank to make sure that hunger is not what holds families and children back from furthering their education, working toward employment, paying their rent and other bills and living life to their highest potential.

When you give to the Orange County Rescue Mission, you can confidently say, ‘I fight hunger, I feed the hungry.’

Watch this clip to see the life of a food box, from the gifts of donors into the hands of the hungry.

Rescue someone from hunger today by clicking HERE.


Food Box Assembly
The hands that assemble the food boxes







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