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On a Mission


When I hear ‘the sky is the limit,’ I refuse that limitation when I know there are foot prints on the moon. With the success of the Orange County Rescue Mission and its services for the surrounding community, my vision is to extend this excellence of service as far as our influence will allow and as faithfully as the support that backs our efforts will prevail.

The scope of services that we have built in Corona and Temecula are gaining momentum to impact the least, the last and the lost in the Inland Empire. When I hear stories of single dads and troubled kids that once walked through our doors with a slew of issues but now are bringing home awards from school, I know that God is moving through our efforts to restore the lives of the lost beyond our humble beginnings in Orange County.

The Press Enterprise produced an incredible article today covering the lives of two residents receiving services from the Corona Norco Rescue Mission. I am humbled by these inspiring stories and moved by the dedication and hard work of our staff in the Inland Empire to extend the the vision of a second chance and new life to these struggling men, women and children in Corona.

Read the full article here or see the post below.

Visit the Corona Norco website for opportunities to get involved in the effort to rescue the least, the last and the lost of the Inland Empire.


CNRM story

Press Enterprise

Press Enterprise

Press Enterprise


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