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On a unique day in the life of me, I found myself being followed by a reporter and cameras. Normally I wouldn’t welcome this kind of attention, but in light of several budding partnerships for the Orange County Rescue Mission, I was excited to feature the array of dynamic individuals and organizations that are looking to creatively make a difference in the lives of those that live on the fringe in Orange County.

I would be remiss to ever start my day with any thing less than a time of meditation in God’s word and I was thrilled that the Register included this moment on the feature. My family as well as the staff at the Orange County Rescue Mission have developed such a love for the book Jesus Calling and enjoy beginning the day with reminders of God’s promises.

Among several highlighted meetings of the day, I was ecstatic to connect with Jaime, founder of the organization Divine.  While human trafficking becomes more and more of a hot button in the world of social justice and non-profits, the Orange County Rescue Mission is no stranger to this horror. Several of our clients have known slavery in one form or another and we are always looking at ways to better serve them in their aftercare whether it be in our own programs or through a network of partners that provide focused services for this issue.

The digital footprint of the work of the Orange County Rescue Mission is always expanding as we ask more and more of our donors and supporters to meet us online. Google+ and good friends like Jack Crawford help us make noise and spread word fast regarding stories and urgent needs as we are working on the streets, throughout the cities and on our campuses to make a difference in the futures of the clients that we serve.

The ‘team huddle’ with Steve Rezner from Miguel’s Restaurants is a crucial meeting as we are always looking for partners in the food industry to raise awareness on our common mission of fighting hunger in Orange County.

It’s been interesting to reflect over this feature and imagine how productive we can be in 24 hours, but I am so grateful for all of the faithful and hard working individuals I have the privilege of working with. I’m so happy to be able to capture moments with all of these incredible men and women such as the staff of a more recent partner,  Church at the Mission. As we combine our efforts and talents, there is nothing we can not do!

Thank you for following a quick glimpse into my life!

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