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Never Forget


9/11Caught up by the agenda of the day,  I was rushing off to the next meeting until I truly stopped and looked at the date on the calendar. Instantly my efficiency came to a halt where nostalgia overwhelmed me. Like so many of you, I can remember exactly where I was, 12 years ago today.

Caught off guard, this country that I am so proud of, was attacked by a force of evil, with the intent to bring us to our knees. But what I will always remember the most, is when our enemy intended to make us weak, an unstoppable unity and strength arose from the ashes and the rubble of attack.

Today I want to commemorate all of the loved ones that were lost but I also want to remember all of the incredible acts of heroism when Americans rallied together to answer the call of duty and serve one another. Let us never forget what we are capable of when we join together.

I also want to encourage you to hug your children. Hold your head high. Light a candle. Feel the sun on your face. Call an old friend. Say hi to your neighbors. Volunteer your time. Show your family you love them. Give what you can. Take a moment to pause. Imagine a better world. Reflect on the sunset. Look forward to the sunrise as together, we remember September 11, 2001.

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