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My Heart for the Homeless


I have such great joy, serving as the President of Orange County Rescue Mission over the last 25 years! I can’t thank you enough for your support, which has provided a hand up, instead of a hand-out, to more than 28,000 people in need last year.

In an age when it is commonly believed that the sole issue of homelessness is the lack of a home, rapid re-housing is considered the most effective solution. In my experience, when you look under the surface of homelessness, you often find things that cannot be addressed by handing someone keys to an apartment. Things like pain, addiction, physical illness, abuse, mental illness, sex trafficking and a lack of resources and skills.

At the core of homelessness—at its heart—there is brokenness that can only be addressed by restoration through Jesus Christ. Which is why a relationship with Jesus Christ is the foundation of the care that the Rescue Mission provides. I have seen thousands of men, women, and children experience this restoration and journey to self-sufficiency.

More than just meals and shelter, our programs offer comprehensive services that touch every aspect of life. As God leads, we develop new programs and facilities to meet needs in our Orange County community.

Recently I shared the Rescue Mission’s statistical outcomes for 2017 ( But even more meaningful than statistics are the stories of people who represent the true heart of homelessness—broken lives that are now restored. These are people who have lost much, but have now gained a new life.

Through the stories we share, you are able to share in their hardships and their victories. To learn more of how getting to the heart of homelessness has given new life to so many, read our stories or view our Orange County Rescue Mission You Tube channel.

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