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More Food


This morning we celebrated more food for the hungry with the opening of the new and improved “Incredible Edible Farm” at the Great Park in Irvine, California. This farm supplies the fresh produce that will stock Second Harvest Food Bank’s efforts to feed the hungry and hurting neighbors within our community. This is incredible news as Second Harvest Food Bank is an instrumental partner of the Orange County Rescue Mission in collaborative efforts to help hungry families within our scope of service.

Edible Farm
The Incredible Edible Farm in the Great Park in Irvine.

Through a shared grant, Second Harvest Food Bank provides OCRM with 1,000 food boxes a month that we are able to resource to outside families in need that use the services of the Hurtt Family Health Clinic on our campus as well as other organizations serving disenfranchised populations in OC such as Main Place, Calvary Chapel Santa Ana, Family Assistance Ministries, Settlement House and Tustin Youth Center.

The Incredible Edible Farm produces up to 144 tons of fresh produce a year, providing 240,000 healthy, nutritious meals for the hungry.

OCRM Chief Relationship Officer, Ryan Burris, with Kate Klimow, assistant Vice Chancellor of Community and Government Relations for UCI.


This is great news not only for increased food supply, but also for access to healthy food and ultimately healthier individuals who can not afford fresh options. Visit The Incredible Edible Farm’s facebook page here and support their efforts to bring healthy food to Orange County’s hungry families.

If you are interested in providing a meal for a hungry family, you can help provide a healthy meal for a homeless man, women or child through the Orange County Rescue Mission for only $1.48 here. 


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