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Life After the Rescue Mission


What does life look like after the Rescue Mission?

A question I am frequently asked in regards to the men, women, and children we serve at the Orange County Rescue Mission is concerning our ‘success rate.’


One year ago, Amanda graduated from the Village of Hope.

Because of our focus on building God’s Kingdom through the Love of Jesus Christ, as well as the community that developes amongst the student residents and staff, we are blessed to stay in contact with several of our graduates and their families who move into restored life after their time at the Rescue Mission.

This video is a must-see as evidence that you should never write someone off, miracles happen every day. I delight in front row seats to witness God’s handiwork.

Watch this video to hear Amanda share about her life after living at the Orange County Rescue Mission.

You can join stories like Amanda’s and participate in this life transformation with other men, women and children at the Orange County Rescue Mission, by simply buying someone a meal for $1.48 here.

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