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Lennar Lends a Hand


Lennar Food Drive

Lennar Homes is a long time friend and major donor of the Orange County Rescue Mission. Assisting in the construction of the Village of Hope, the Corona – Norco Rescue Mission and other OCRM projects, Lennar has been instrumental in the appearance and quality of all of our building enhancements. In addition to offering their expertise toward our cause, Lennar has been exceedingly generous with gifts assisting the Orange County Rescue Mission in our goals.

In celebration of the holiday season, Lennar along with their generous associates and trade partners collected 5 pick up truck loads of food in a food drive that was distributed to various agencies and shelters this weekend, one of which was our Corona -Norco Rescue Mission.

CNRM food drive

Their kindness did not stop there when Lennar also presented us with a $2,500 corporate donation upon their delivery.

I am always blown away by the faithful kindness of friends such as this to provide not only for our basic needs but go above and beyond to make sure our operations are supported and thriving.

Thank you, Lennar, for your thoughtfulness and friendship to the Orange County Rescue Mission.

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