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Laurel House Teens Go To Entrepreneur Camp!


Three  of the teens that live at our Laurel House home for at-risk and homeless teen girls had the opportunity to attend camp this summer. But not just any camp – a week-long intensive training camp that teaches high school students real-world entrepreneurship!

I want to thank Stephen Christensen, Founding and Managing Director of Concordia University’s Teen Entrepreneur Academy, for providing scholarships for each of the Laurel House girls to attend. This generous gift provided much more than just a summer activity! (To learn more about the Academy, go to

Every summer, Concordia University invites 100 students to attend the competitive Teen Entrepreneur Academy. The teens work in teams to develop their own unique business plan and product, while being guided by mentors and receiving feedback. At the end of the week each team presents their business plan in front of a large audience and a panel of judges. Two of our Laurel House girls won 3rd place! 

Dayena’s team created a product that we could all use: an all-inclusive wellness app that tracks things like water consumption, physical activity, healthy meals, and emotional health.“I wanted to experience this camp so that I would be prepared to start my own business,” Dayena shares. “I have a dream of starting a clothing design company one day.” 

The Teen Entrepreneur Academy plays a powerful role in empowering our girls to dream big and break the cycle of low-education, poverty, and homelessness.  Join us in supporting these teen girls on their journey to healing and restoration at

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