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Kids Excited About School


Nicholas School Supplies
Nicholas is excited for his new Angry Birds backpack!

With the unavoidable conclusion of summer also brings a population of  melancholy kids. The market driven back-to-school shopping rush usually can alleviate some of this dismal mood with temporary excitement in new clothes and school supplies, but imagine the first day back to school without even a new notebook filled with crisp blank pages.

Back to School Supplies
School supplies donated by Toshiba Medical Supply’s employee outreach team

Fortunately, even though this may have been the history of several of the kids that have come to live at the Village of Hope, this year, friends of the Orange County Rescue Mission refused to allow these kids to return back to school empty handed. Thank you to the employee outreach team from Toshiba Medical Systems in Tustin, we had 75 backpacks filled with supplies to hand to our kids at both the Village of Hope and the Corona-Norco Rescue Mission.

Thank you, friends, for caring about the education of children who are the least, the last and the lost of  Orange County.

Toshiba Medical Supply employees
Toshiba Medical Supply employees with kids from the Village of Hope

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