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Keeping Teen Girls Off the Streets


In August, Tiffany Taylor had the rug pulled out from underneath her. Again.

That’s when the troubled teen found out Laurel House – a transitional home for at-risk girls – was out of money and shutting its doors. Taylor would have to go back to living with the grandparents she’d worked so hard to rebel against.

But Taylor’s nine months at Laurel House had changed her. She joined her church worship team, started choosing better friends and started get along with her grandparents.

“When she got home, she was a different person,” Taylor’s grandfather, Mike Rilea, said.

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Yesterday was a big day for the Rescue Mission as we celebrated the mission of keeping teen girls off the streets and safe from human trafficking, gang involvement and a life of drug and alcohol dependency in Orange County with the re-opening of Laurel House, Inc.

Thank you to all our generous donors who made this possible!

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Laurel House was founded in 1985 by two women who were distraught at the sight of teenagers living on the streets of Orange County, California.

Laurel House began as an emergency crisis shelter for teen runaways, and through the years has evolved into a unique, preventive-care program providing temporary housing and care for teen girls at risk of homelessness or who are runaways because of volatile family situations.

What parents perceive as their daughters spiraling out of control, we discover to be symptomatic of deeper issues within the teen such as unreported sexual abuse or an undiagnosed mental health issue.  At Laurel House these girls are in a safe environment where they can sort through the abuse they have suffered, and be properly diagnosed and treated.

Our mission is providing a home for teens in crisis, transforming lives, and strengthening families.

Laurel House is the only teen shelter in Orange County providing longer term care to ensure longer term success in these young lives.  Our goal is to end homelessness for at-risk teen girls by reunifying them with their families or moving them into positive living situations.

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