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July Employee of the Month


The work we do at the Orange County Rescue Mission requires unique individuals to answer the call and carry out the cause of serving the least, the last and the lost. The miracles that we get to witness in the lives of broken men, women and children are no shortage of evidence that God is at work here. The exceptional element is that although this is God’s work, He chooses to use all of us ordinary and even unqualified people to carry out these stories on a daily basis. In light of celebrating our successes, we also hope to celebrate the men and women who selflessly serve on the Orange County Rescue Mission’s staff to make the successes possible.

This month we are delighted to highlight OCRM’s Kitchen and Food Service Manager, James Wright, as our Employee of the Month.




What is your full name? James Michael Wright, Jr.

Age? 33 1/3, like an LP record

Married? Yes How long? Almost 3 years

Where did you grow up? Fullerton, born and raised in Orange County F-town to the fullest!

Education? CSUF – The Mighty Titans! Degree in Business Management and minor in Marketing

Hobby – golf

Outside of work: I coach and train young junior high/high school/college age football players. I love being on the football field – the Lord speaks volumes to me whenever I’m on the field. I run Faith Through the Facemask (ministry) – teaching kids how to be Godly athletes and to stay in the faith while on the field and how to act

What’s your favorite food? My go-to food is street tacos – a carne asada, carnitas, lengua and favorite cuisine is Japanese – a well-balanced meal

What’s your favorite thing to cook? Fried rice cause it’s just fun – I get to go in the fridge, see what I got in there and make fried rice

When you were younger, what did you dream about doing? I wanted to run my own record company and be able to manage different music groups

How long have you been at the mission? Almost 4 years (December)

How did you hear about the job opportunity at the mission? Joe Gonzales was a friend of mine and the Lord used him to bring me here

What do you love most about your job? Working with the students, specifically being able to really share what being a Christian is and doing that through our ministry in serving food; being able to sit with them and talk about the word and living out the word through our daily routines and serving food. Love seeing students get trained and grow in a kitchen setting, then watch them go out and get jobs. Being used by the Lord to help them!

What inspires/motivates you every day? The Lord. It’s not about me. John 3:30 He must increase, I must decrease

Another verse that speaks to me: Luke 17:10

What does your worse day at the mission look like? Kitchen equipment not functioning. PS… I need 2 ovens right now cause I’m struggling.

How have you grown since coming to the mission? Professionally? Grown in my new role as lead in the kitchen. Understanding the dynamics a fully operational kitchen making 30-50k meals a month and managing the budget to make sure we are being good stewards; creating training to prepare students to go out into the job market. Going out and managing our vendors are all huge steps in my career professionally. Spiritually?  I continue to grow in this area but fall short daily Luke 9:23 Daily dying to myself, striving to grow every day and it’s him that does it.

What do you enjoy doing outside of the mission? Spending time in the word with my wife, doing bible studies and helping her grow closer to the word and develop her faith is one of my greatest joys. Spending time with family.

Idea on goals? Proverbs 3:5-6

What is your strength? Striving to be lead by the holy spirit in all moments. Starting the day in prayer to facilitate the day at work, at home, in other ministries I’m involved in and make sure I’m receptive to what the Lord is doing in all those situations and to be flexible. I’m pretty good at communication and I’m also a natural leader. I have an A type personality!

What is your greatest fear? Knowing that some people close to me won’t get saved and seeing them choose death. I do really fear possums. I don’t know why they are created? I asked the Lord that! What is the benefit to life and he hasn’t answered me yet. He just says “I AM”.

Church?  Calvary Chapel Anaheim

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