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Jim Palmer: Thank You, Craig Furniss!


When it came time to choose a keynote speaker for the 2017 Summer Graduation, Craig Furniss came to mind immediately. Craig is a wonderful advocate and passionate liaison of the Orange County Rescue Mission. He has been a key advocate in connecting his church, Trinity United Presbyterian Church, to our community.

He is a friendly face around the Rescue Mission for staff and residents alike. Craig and his wife, Janice, spend every Saturday morning in our Success Center tutoring the adult residents, working hard to receive their high school diploma or equivalency. He has served as a wonderful mentor and guide for these individuals.

Craig has recently worked to create an outstanding professional mentorship program at the Rescue Mission in partnership with Trinity. This mentorship program will create lasting relationships to guide our residents through the Rescue Mission program and catapult them into sustaining careers and brighter futures.

Craig has also organized several days of volunteer service to bring Trinity members down to the Rescue Mission to work in our kitchen, warehouse and with our children. Craig is eager to extend every opportunity he can to gain more support for the homeless people that we serve. His vision for empowering the church community to go out and serve has led many of the members at Trinity to follow his great example.

Craig’s belief in the value of community was clear in his speech at the Rescue Mission Summer Graduation this past Saturday. He stressed the importance of relationships, especially in a society and age that believes it is better to “go it alone.” But God created His people for community, a belief that Craig beautifully plays out in his own life as he strives to connect the church and the community for the good of both.

Thank you Craig, for your partnership, service, and encouraging words! The Rescue Mission is blessed by you!

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