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Jesus Christ Is The Difference


Veteran suicide is an issue that continues to plague our nation. Men and women who have courageously served our country return from combat amidst heroes praise, only to find they must now deal with the horrors and tragedies they have faced with little to no resources or coping skills. Many turn to substances as a means of escape, or even more tragically, suicide as a last resort to what seems an inescapable problem. Even as suicide-prevention programs continue to increase, we see no change in the suicide rate.

With the Tustin Veterans Outpost coming up on its third year of operation, I am glad to tell you that we have seen far more encouraging results. We have seen the lives of homeless veterans restored, their families reunified, their careers blossom and their hearts transformed. And we know what makes the difference: Jesus Christ.

I would like to share with you the following article from the Dallas Morning News, The U.S. Military must tell veterans the truth: Spirituality can help significantly with PTSD. I want to share this because we too know this to be true. And even more specifically than general spirituality, we know the difference to be the love and good news that is the truth of Jesus Christ.

As veterans come to know Jesus and His sacrificial love that has paid the price for our sin, they now have a security in Him and a hope for eternity that broadens their perspective. In light of eternal salvation, these veterans are much more equipped to face head-on the struggles they have, including the horrors of war and their long-lasting effects. We have seen men and women find freedom through Christ, knowing “this light momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison” as 2 Corinthians tells us.

This is why I so constantly share about Jesus Christ and His power to transform hearts and restore lives. It is only Christ that can make this incredible difference in a meaningful and lasting way. I encourage you to read on below for another compelling commentary on this topic.

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