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Inspiring, True-Life Stories


I often speak of offering hope to those in need, and the power of hope to change a life.

And we all need inspiration from time to time, to be reminded of good, love, and redemption. I invite you to hear the true life stories of people who overcame their brokenness despite the odds; stories of people who were seen as unworthy find their true value; stories of people who reached out for a hand up when they hit their “rock bottom”, and now have a new life that they can share with others. These are the stories that inspire me to continue with the work I do each day!

On October 21, I once again had the privilege to officiate the graduation of 17 adults and their children from Orange County Rescue Mission and our affiliated programs! And at every graduation, the graduates are given the opportunity to share their stories. Click below, and take a moment to listen and be inspired.


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