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Hungry for Hope



Since 1965, we’ve been restoring hope to homeless people with life-changing help. We also work with local churches and organizations to bring food, shelter and hope to those in greatest need throughout Orange County.

This holiday season, many of the homeless in our community will turn to us for food, shelter and help to get back on their feet.

And you can help in two important ways . . .
First, give a gift to feed and care for as many men and women as you can. Each meal costs just $1.48!

Terrified mothers with children running from abuse . . . elderly and disabled men and women struggling to survive . . . people of all ages — worn-out, exhausted and ready for change. Some after years of living on the streets. Some after last night being their first night on the streets.

All hungry for a hot meal — and hope.

For most, we will serve them the first decent meal they have had in weeks. We want that meal to be a delicious feast – much like they would enjoy at home with their family if they could.

Rescue Mission
It’s important that we go all out, because this simple act of kindness can lead to a whole new life.

The transformation begins when one of our students hears and responds to our Gospel message of hope. Then, through addiction recovery, job-skills training and other help, desperation turns to joy as they get back on their feet.

It’s a fact: whole families are strengthened and healed when one broken man or woman puts their life back together.
Can you imagine $1.48 doing all that?

But to feed and care for all the people who will come to us, we urgently need the support of caring friends like you. Think of the impact you personally can have when . . .
• $14.80 provides a Christmas feast for 10 people.
• $22.20 will feed and care for 15 women and children.
• $29.60 gives 20 people a chance for a whole new life!

No one should spend the holidays hungry. I urge you to respond with a gift today to provide as many meals as you can.
We have just a few weeks left to purchase the food and finish preparations for Christmas.

Thank you for your gift today!

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