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How to Serve Hope


Robert and Katie are thankful for a fresh start – something they desperately needed.

At the lowest point in their journey, homeless and unemployed, the young couple lived in their car and begged for spare change for food.

Katie was so thin and looked so unhealthy that Robert spent his money on her.

“He would go 3 or 4 days without eating so I could eat and gain weight, ” Katie says.

In the middle of their misery, Robert and Katie were thrown a lifeline: an opportunity to come to the Village of Hope and get the help they needed.

robert and katie

Today, Robert and Katie have a new life!

With nutritious food to eat, a safe place to live, grow, recover and receive counseling, they are on the right track. They have good jobs, a stronger marriage and a new foundation of hope in God.

It’s exciting to see the transformation that has taken place in Robert and Katie’s life. This is the kind of transformation that takes place every day because of your support.

Your gift of meals is a blessing to every man, woman and child at the Rescue Mission and to hungry neighbors on the streets.

Thank you for giving and changing lives!


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Jim Palmer

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