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Hope! Something to Celebrate and share this Easter


I have something uplifting to share with you! Each day as we work our way through the challenges of helping the homeless overcome the brokenness in their lives, we are also blessed by each step people take along the path to a new life. These “resurrection stories” of how people come to experience new life and freedom from all of the circumstances and choices that led to homelessness, bring us hope each and every day. They bring us hope because it reminds us that nothing is too great for the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ!

So we want to share that hope and encouragement with others. Maybe you just need a reminder that good things do happen, or that God’s love is powerful enough to overcome the past mistakes, or you know someone else who could use this encouragement.

Just go to the Orange County Rescue Mission website at (click link) and download the ebook, “Resurrection Stories”.  The ebook is short and easy to read through, but it is all real life stories of hope.

And while you are there, please consider giving a gift to Orange County Rescue Mission, to become part of the real life stories of hope. Everything we do at Orange County Rescue Mission is supported by private donations. Or, just click the button below to give a gift now! With every $1.48 gift, you provide a meal for a homeless person on the path to a new life!

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