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Help Hurting Families


It’s heartbreaking to see families struggle so desperately. But, I want you to hear this: your generosity makes a life-changing impact on hundreds of families each year.

Share the below image with your friends and family and encourage THEM to pledge their support to hurting families in Orange County this year.

You can share on social media like Facebook, Twitter or through email:

Thanks to you, all of these services are a part of the Orange County Rescue Mission’s outreach and services to homeless families. Which means, YOU are providing the solution to family homelessness!

The Orange County Rescue Mission receives no government assistance — we depend completely on God’s provision through you. Your partnership means everything to the men, women and families who come through our doors.

At the Orange County Rescue Mission, hope still starts with a meal for just $1.48. And that meal opens the door to other help — help that will transform and mend a broken life.

Yours in Christ,
Jim Palmer

Please help today.

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