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Helmets for the Kids


Donors that visit the Orange County Rescue Mission represent a spectrum of ages and backgrounds. What motivates each to give is always an interesting story in itself.

Today a young man named Jonathan Van De Velde from Mater Dei High School stopped by the Village of Hope with two large boxes of helmets to visit with our kids.

Jonathan shared his story of having visited a children’s hospital where he met a little girl who was recovering from a major brain injury. This little girl’s chances of experiencing a full recovery were slim and the saddest part for her and her exhausted family was that her injury was a simple fall while riding a bike in front of her house, all preventable with the help of a helmet.

As Jonathan was struck by this experience, he did further research to discover that although the children in his own family had several helmets required to be worn while riding their bikes, skateboards and scooters, many children go without this safety precaution for economic reasons. In an effort to help, Jonathan began collecting used helmets to be donated to disadvantaged kids. Then, putting himself in those kids’ place, he decided they needed brand new helmets, rather than used. Jonathan began saving the money he would make from summer jobs to buy these brand new helmets and distribute to kids in need.

Jonathan distributes helmets to the kids at the Village of Hope.

With the goal of organizing his efforts into a future 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Jonathan hopes to get more helmets donated to help more kids in the future. Today he brought a helmet for each of our kids at the Rescue Mission to protect them and prevent potential head injuries.

Jonathan helped the kids get fitted in their helmets.

I am so impressed by kids like Jonathan and their ability to recognize a problem and be so quick to do something to help. Thank you for extending your thoughtfulness and kindness to the kids at the Orange County Rescue Mission, Jonathan!

Jonathan and kids
Thank you Jonathan!

Check out Jonathan’s efforts to help kids get helmets HERE.

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