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Give Hope with Easter Meals


Dear friends,

Easter is the time to celebrate all we’ve gained as followers of Jesus. But if you’re like Travis, Easter is just another day to survive.

Homeless and hopeless, Travis found his way to Orange County Rescue Mission, “I came here because I was completely lost. I had no hope at all. I didn’t want to live anymore.”

But you can give men, women and children a reason to hope again. You’ll reach the lost, the brokenhearted and the hurting when you:
You can give hope with an Easter meal for just $1.48!
• Give a meal for just $1.48
• Provide safe shelter from the streets
Your generosity will also provide the counseling and recovery needed to start a new life.

Breaking the cycle of homelessness, poverty and addiction can seem nearly impossible. But this Easter, you can give hope to the homeless, beginning with a meal.

Imagine the difference for these dear brothers and sisters, sitting down to a hot, Easter dinner of ham, potatoes, fresh vegetables and rolls. Imagine their relief after scraping by for so long on whatever food they could find.

A homemade meal and a welcoming smile remind guests like Travis that their life is worthwhile — and that somebody cares for them.

It’s the perfect time to give away the new life, hope and victory that we’ve received in Jesus. And to those who need it most — the men, women and children living on the fringes in Orange County.

Give a meal for $1.48, and give hope this Easter!

Thank you,

Jim Palmer

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