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Girls Need Godmothers


If you had been confused, lonely, and a runaway at the age of 12, you can imagine that having someone offer to take you in and care for you at that critical point would literally change your life.

A new project is underway at the Orange County Rescue Mission to do just that.

Laurel House

Laurel House Director Jerad Beltz; Orange County Rescue Mission President Jim Palmer; and Brower, Miller & Cole CEO Judith Brower Fancher, from left, stand in front of Tustin’s Laurel House, which they are working to remodel and save.

We are opening a new facility in Tustin for girls between the ages of 12 and 17.  The Rescue Mission will utilize its professional staff to shelter them, feed them, counsel them and guide them back onto a stronger path so that they can, within six months to a year, be reunited with their families, if possible, or moved into another positive living situation.

Click here to read the story in the Orange County Register. 

We have taken over an old house, and here is where we need your help.

We are reaching out to Orange County’s female leaders to see if you can help identify resources, including building materials, contractors, furniture companies and financial support to ensure that this house becomes a home.

Christmas is right around the corner, and we want to be ready by that time.

This means that if we can count on you to become one of our founding “Godmothers of Laurel House,” your commitment can be as brief as 120 days.  The group will meet just two times a year for networking events.

Judy Brower Fancher of Brower, Miller & Cole has volunteered to co-chair the Godmothers.  She will be contacting you to follow up and see if you can become a Godmother, too.

How you can help:

Planned reopening:December

Chairperson: Jim Palmer

Director: Jerad Beltz

Headquarters: 1 Hope Drive, Tustin


Phone: 714-832-0207

Co-chair Godmothers program: Judy Brower Fancher

Godmothers contact phone: 949-955-7940

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