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Game Plan


While school is out, summer provides the opportunity for a more unconventional schedule where families can go on vacation, kids can attend camps or dive deeper into extra-curricular activities. However, for most of our families at the Rescue Mission, those options outside of normal school scheduling are simply not an option.

So the challenge becomes filling that time with productive activities and stimulation for the boys and girls at the Village of Hope. This week I am thrilled to host at my house a team of  UW Sports Ministry counselors that are bringing a sports program with biblical curriculum to our kids each day. UW Sports Ministry

UW Sports Ministry is based out of Colorado Springs and sends counselors all across the country to facilitate these camps for kids at churches and para-church ministries alike. With curriculum including music, object lessons, sports stories and Bible stories, we are grateful to have these young people spending time with our kids at the Rescue Mission.

Sports Camp


Thank you to all of the donors and partners that have contributed to help give our kids this summer to remember!

Sports Camp

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