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Four Days Left!


ONLY 4 DAYS LEFT IN 2014 . . .
Serve twice as much hope


Here are 3 great reasons to send your year-end gift today:
1. Your gift will help make up a budget shortfall and help us start the new year ready to care for our hungry and homeless neighbors.
2. A Matching Grant will double whatever you give, up to $100,000.
3. This incredible opportunity to serve 2x the hope and make a difference in twice as many lives expires at midnight on December 31.
This Matching Grant means ANY gift that you give, up to $100,000, will be automatically doubled to provide nourishing meals, safe shelter, and other essential care.

For the next few days, you can transform twice as many lives.

Please give your year-end gift today.

Jim Palmer

***As another method of giving, it is highly beneficial to donate appreciated securities (either stocks or mutual funds). If this is an option for you, click here to learn how you can give to the Rescue Mission in this way.

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