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Seeds of Hope Planted Through Music


God works in wonderful and amazing ways – sometimes through people, sometimes through circumstances, and sometimes through art or music.  This was the case for one of our residents, Sam, who was profoundly affected by music from the Christian band, For King and Country.  The words of their music made an impact on Sam’s life, and planted seeds of hope that “when I’m caught deep in the valley, with chaos for my company, I’ll find my comfort here, cause I know that you are near.” Those words stuck in Sam’s mind, and compelled him to search for what the song describes as God’s care and love for him.

Through God’s grace and providence, Sam actually had an opportunity to meet For King and Country and share his amazing story with them!  These kinds of opportunities are so rare, and it was a blessing to both the band and to Sam to be able to marvel at the way God worked through this music to change Sam’s heart and turn him from a life of addiction and brokenness to one of hope and restoration.

I invite you to take a look below as Sam shares his story and his gratitude with For King and Country. This wonderful opportunity to say thank you to the strangers that blessed him is a great story of how words of God’s love and truth are powerful.

And to hear the song that caught hold of Sam’s heart, click the image below.

“Shoulders”, by For King and Country

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