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For Better or For Worse


Jane and Dan have been homeless for years.

Dan and Jane

Our Rescue Mission Care Coordinator, Heather, first met this couple at our Chili Van Outreach at the Santa Ana Civic Center over Christmas. Over the course of several months, both OCRM staff and volunteers interacted with this couple, in hopes of helping them turn over a new leaf and leave life on the streets. It just seemed that so many odds were against them.

Multiple attacks had left both Jane and Dan in the hospital, badly beaten and robbed of all belongings and identification. As OCRM legal partners from Trinity Law School got involved to help reclaim these crucial pieces of identification, Santa Ana law enforcement also stepped in to help Jane and Dan slowly take steps to getting into a program.

By the month of June, Dan had willingly completed a detox program and Jane and Dan were promised separate rooms at the Village of Hope. Although Jane and Dan had met long ago at the Salvation Army and been together ever since, they had never exchanged vows under the covenant of marriage.

Having endured the horrors of homelessness, Jane and Dan are now home. Each day presents a new challenge, a new step toward new life, but there are no shortage of caring staff, volunteers and public officials that are willing to step in and help. After detox and moving off the streets, it only made sense for this long standing couple to tie the knot. With little to nothing to their names, Chili Van sponsor and faithful Rescue Mission volunteer Brian Crane offered to pay for a wedding. And so as word spread about Jane and Dan’s pending nuptials, prayers began to spread for needed wedding elements. Soon provisions like a cake and other donations poured in as fellow Rescue Mission students worked to make this event as special as possible.


Court House

Dan and Jane were married this week and moved into a room at the Village of Hope together, the first of several steps toward a new life. Where life on the streets seemed to defeat them, the team efforts of a community has helped to pull this couple out of their despair and into the hope of a new beginning at the Orange County Rescue Mission.

Their journey to the Rescue Mission has been full of miracles and provision up to this day and I am ecstatic to have this dynamic couple at home at the Rescue Mission. It will be an incredible testament to watch as God continues to love Dan and Jane into this new season of hope and joy in their lives.

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First Dance



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