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Finding Hope & Overcoming Obstacles on the Road to Success


“There is nothing you cannot overcome.”

Tears well up in Rick’s eyes as he speaks to his daughter, Sarah, and son-in-law, Edgar, two of the Rescue Mission’s most recent Road to Success employment workshop graduates. He holds on tightly to their daughter – his granddaughter – Ava. This is a powerful and emotional moment, one Rick had hoped and prayed he would see, for the Lord to bring transformation and restoration to the lives of his daughter and her husband.

“Seeing where you have come from and where the Lord has brought you now, there is nothing you cannot overcome,” he affirms his daughter, overjoyed by the journey she and her husband and daughter have been on for the past year. He reminds her of the words of Nehemiah 8:10: “The joy of the Lord is your strength.”

The Road to Success employment workshop is the culmination of a months-long, sometimes years-long, journey, where the residents of our programs participate in a week-long intensive workshop to equip them for the job search phase ahead. During this workshop, participants confront unhelpful habits or beliefs they may have previously had, and learn new skills to better equip them for the job search and interview process. This workshop always concludes with a very special ceremony recognizing each person that has completed it and will be moving forward into the final phase of their program. The graduates are able to invite their friends and family to be a part of this time and witness this monumental next step on their journey to self-sufficiency.


As in Sarah and Edgar’s case, this is an emotional time for many families. This is a chance to mend broken relationships and share in the joy of renewed hope and transformed lives. Friends and family members are given a glimpse into the hard work and commitment required of each resident to make it to this point, and of the change that has taken place in their lives and hearts. Witnessing this ceremony is a beautiful time – our staff and volunteers encourage these residents who have worked tirelessly for months, families are reunited, and as the graduates share the new skills and truths they will take with them as they move forward. This is why we do what we do – not only to offer food, shelter, and safety, but ultimately to offer them hope and the belief they can now live changed and self-sufficient lives.

In the words of one of our veteran graduates, Alan, “Now I have the confidence that I still have something to offer the world.”

It is with great joy that I present to you the next class of Road to Success Employment Workshop graduates. These seventeen individuals have worked diligently for months, all towards the goal of self-sufficiency. Along the way they have faced many challenges, at times maybe even thinking they would not make it to the end, but here they stand today, as men and women ready to take the next step on the road to success!


Employers, if you are looking to hire, please consider the Rescue Mission residents. These individuals have proven themselves to be hardworking and committed to excellence. With renewed purpose, they eagerly face new challenges and are grateful for each opportunity. Please contact our Success Center Manager, Joey, at (714) 247-4370 or for more information.

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