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Fill the Pantry


You’re probably wondering why I would write about Thanksgiving in the middle of September. But we served 2,765 meals each week this summer. Which means we’ve got to restock our pantry shelves before the real busy season hits. We’re still serving meals every day — while we plan and shop for holiday dinners that serve hundreds of hungry men, women and children.

You can help make sure no one goes hungry this holiday season!

With just $1.48, you can provide a nutritious meal at the Rescue Mission. The combination of hard work, good planning and donated food means your gift goes far!

Just think of all the good you can do when you give to make sure more people have meals, not just at Thanksgiving and Christmas, but every day of the year. Together, we’re meeting the most urgent needs of our hungry and homeless neighbors and changing their lives because we’ve found that a meal, served with dignity, builds trust and restores hope.

Fill the pantry

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This Thanksgiving, we’ll see hundreds of  people who are tired of the struggle, who are ready to give up. A traditional Thanksgiving meal can instill hope where hope seemed all but lost. But first, we have to be able to prepare that meal. And to do that, we need a full pantry.

Please send your most generous gift today, so we’ll be fully prepared for Thanksgiving — and the hungry hearts of people like Christina.

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