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Faces of Homelessness


Homeless and pregnant…

Rob and Suzy

Robert and Suzy know the horrors of living on the streets. The news of a baby on the way made it pretty clear that they needed some help to seek a different life. They quickly sought help at the Orange County Rescue Mission.

“We no longer have to worry about being hungry all the time,” Suzy says. “We were when we were on the street. Nutritious food is very important for pregnancy, and they provide that here,” she adds. “We have a nursery, clothes — the Rescue Mission has supplied us with all the baby necessities we could never imagine ever getting.” But the practical help they needed to turn their lives around is only part of the story. Thanks to the spiritual support and counseling they received, Robert says, “Who we are now is 180 degrees different from when we first showed up.”

Robert says he will always remember the day he agreed to go to church because he’d seen the difference it was making for Suzy. In his own words, “I walked into church a manly man. Five minutes later, I was bawling. These were people like me,” he relates — real people, with real struggles. They’re the same kind of people that have poured themselves into his life at the Rescue Mission. The result? Robert and Suzy have been clean for 10 months now. Their lives are stable again. Most important, they have a happy, healthy baby boy, who will grow up in the good and godly home that every child deserves. Thank you for giving Robert and Suzy a chance to live again!

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You can hear from Robert and Suzy themselves as they tell their story about new life together at the Village of Hope in the video below.

Rob and Suzy video


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