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Emilie's Story


You give broken families a chance for new life.

There aren’t a lot of places for moms like Emilie. Her past struggles would have kept her from ever being with her son again.


Emilie lived on the streets — deep in addiction and dangerous relationships — through her teenage years and into adulthood. During those reckless years, Emilie had a baby girl. At the time, she was homeless and had no way to take care of her. A loving family member took over the baby’s care.

At 22, a suspected pregnancy turned out to be a cancerous tumor. Surgery left her unable to have children — or at least, that’s what she was told. But another baby and another letting go followed. Emilie’s family graciously cared for this new baby, too. Through it all, Emilie’s grandparents prayed faithfully that God would turn her life around.

Emilie settled down with her new boyfriend, Mark, and stayed sober for two years. In that time, Ian was born. They bought house and tried to be a family. Sadly, Emilie was soon drawn back into the life of drugs and the streets. For 4 years, she wandered in a fog of addiction. Ian lived with his dad, separated from Emilie, who stayed away knowing she wasn’t a good mom.

But when Ian’s dad died suddenly, Emilie was jolted from her shame-filled world into the reality that her little boy —just 7 years old — desperately needed her.

Emilie didn’t know how to be a mom. Heartbroken for her child, Emilie sought help, and through her family found the Orange County Rescue Mission. And she got more than she ever expected.

In addition to immersing herself in our recovery, counseling, parenting and work programs, Emilie’s heart has been transformed. In June she was baptized — a celebration that brought generations of her family together, including her children.

Here at the Rescue Mission, through God’s grace, she has changed into a woman who is ready to be a mom. She is so grateful God’s grace has given her a second chance to be a mom. Ian and Emilie were joyfully reunited as a family in September.

“Ian was so excited to come to the Village of Hope! He is so happy to be back with his mom,” says Emilie. Your partnership rescues, restores and renews families.

We receive calls from women like Emilie every day. Broken, sometimes fleeing abuse, sometimes battling addiction and always hurting for their children. Emilie and Ian’s story illustrates the beautiful gift you give to every family who comes here in need. You give them a chance to be a family.

You can help families like Emilie and Ian at the Rescue Mission by donating here.


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