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Destiny’s Story: Affordable Housing Keeps New Mother Off the Streets


It is the Rescue Mission’s goal to provide comprehensive and supportive care to the Least, the Last, and the Lost of our community in various stages of need. In addition to our residential transitional living program, the Village of Hope, we also offer low-income housing as another transitional step for families in need.

Through the Hope Family Housing program, I have seen many amazing stories of families on the verge of homelessness, brokenness, and hopelessness, who are now stable and thriving. I would like to share with you one such story of restoration: Destiny and her son, Levi.

This is Destiny’s Story.

Destiny was familiar with the Rescue Mission – her sister had gone through the Village of Hope program and her life had been radically changed and restored. Destiny knew the Rescue Mission was a great program, but she was sure she would never need the assistance it could provide. She had been living on her own since 18, able to rent rooms or live with boyfriends. She had always been able to turn her life around when it got challenging.

But then she made some bad choices, and as a result she became pregnant unexpectedly. She wasn’t prepared. Things did not work out with the baby’s father and it became unsafe for Destiny and her son to stay with him. Destiny had goals for them as a family, but it was too much responsibility for him. He walked out on Destiny and their son before rent and bills were due, and she was given a three-days’ notice to move out.

It was then that Destiny remembered the Rescue Mission and how it had helped her sister. She came to us for help and was accepted in the Hope Family Housing low-income housing program in Buena Park.

Living at Hope Family Housing has allowed Destiny to live independently and has given her the control over her life that she needed to raise her son, Levi. She finally feels comfortable and does not have to worry for the safety of herself and her son. Hope Family Housing has prevented Destiny from becoming homeless, losing her job, or living in dangerous circumstances. It is a transitional haven for people like Destiny, who are on the verge of homelessness and just need a hand-up during a rocky season of life.

The Rescue Mission currently operates four Hope Family Housing locations, in Buena Park, Orange, Temecula, and Corona. These facilities serve as the final transition for homeless men, women, and children, or as a preventative to homelessness. Hope Family Housing’s primary goal is to provide affordable housing in an environment of independent living with supportive services.

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