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From Desperation to Restoration: April & Logan’s Story


At the Rescue Mission, we see families come to us out of broken and painful situations every day. Often parents arrive with their children, desperate and hopeless, unable to care for their children well as a result of their own traumatic upbringing and bad decisions made throughout their own lives. One of our goals at the Rescue Mission is to reunify and strengthen families, so parents gain the skills and confidence they need to love, care for and provide stable and healthy lives for their children.

It brings me great joy to see families find healing and restoration through Jesus Christ, and be able to take that with them as they leave the Rescue Mission. One such story is that of April and Logan, a couple that was desperate to leave their life of brokenness for the well-being of their two young boys. Please read on as April shares their story.

This is April & Logan’s story.

Being raised in addiction, I didn’t see myself or my life with much value. I didn’t believe my life could be anything different. When my husband and I hit rock bottom, we hit hard. But it was at that point that we had enough.

Our many years together were filled with the chaos of addiction and prison. We had nothing left but desperation for change.

An overwhelming relief and peace came over us when we were accepted into Village of Hope. It was knowing that we were going to be safe, our sons would finally get the consistency they lacked and we would get the help we needed. We had a real hope that we could change.

It was at Village of Hope that we came to know who God really is, to accept his love and forgiveness. It was a major turning point for me when I began to see myself as a new creation in Christ, and realize that my old self was in the past. And because my husband, my sons and I are created by God, we now know we have value and we are loved.

Through God and all that we have received from Village of Hope, Logan and I have learned to be responsible adults. We learned how to work an eight-hour day and be there for our sons. And, other things like how to communicate, to budget and save, and how to live free from addiction and chaos.

Our marriage and our family are restored. Now Logan and I help each other, we are a team! Instead of being sad because their dad is gone, the boys get to see their dad every day. They know how to pray and have joy in their hearts. We enjoy simple family things and just being together.

We are now graduates of Orange County Rescue Mission and have moved into an apartment on our own, both of us gainfully employed. With each milestone we reach, life gets even better.

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