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Confronting the Deadly Cycle of Opioid Abuse


As you have probably heard me share in the past, our communities are seeing a rise in homelessness and drug and alcohol addiction, to the point that it has become a state-wide crisis. Right here in my own home City of Tustin, I am seeing an increase in these issues, especially opioid addiction.

In fact, Behind the Badge recently shared an article about a drug overdose that happened right in the Tustin Police department lobby restroom! This is just one instance of many, as the issue of opioid abuse continues to grow within Orange County. I have included the article here so you can read for yourself, as Tustin Police Chief Stu Greenberg shares about this incident and the dangers of opioid use.

My intention in sharing this article is not to cause fear or panic, but instead to raise awareness and to motivate. We must be motivated to act and confront this crisis to create change in our community.

Orange County Rescue Mission is doing our part to confront these issues, and the underlying brokenness that causes them, one life at a time. I encourage you to partner with us in these efforts – your support can restore the hearts and lives of the Least, the Last, and the Lost here in Orange County. Click the image below to read the article.

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