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Confidence Built on the Road to Success!


Yet another group of formerly homeless men and women are well on their way to finding employment! Last week ten individuals completed the Road to Success job readiness workshop and are now ready to begin job searching. This workshop always concludes with a very special ceremony celebrating each of the participants and this monumental achievement. They are one step closer to self-sufficiency, and another step farther from the pain and brokenness of their past.

As they collect their hard-earned certificates of completion, each person is given the chance to share about their experience. As I have shared with you before, it often becomes an emotional time as these men and women, who once knew only heartbreak and hardship, now share about their newfound confidence and hope. Once fearful and hopeless, they now stand before us eager to see what the future holds and knowing it is bright!

It is my joy to introduce you to some of our most recent Road to Success job workshop participants:

“I’m a lot more competent and valuable to an employer than I thought.”


“They pulled so much out of me this week, to give me the confidence that I do have a lot to offer an employer.”


“It’s been a hard process [to change my life], but I am glad I stuck it through to start looking for a job.”


“I’m ready to move forward, follow my dreams and further my education to be of service to others.”


“Before starting the workshop, I knew I was going to have to forget everything that I tried in the past to get a job, because it was all wrong! Now I know the right way to get a job.”


“I’m going to kill it in my interviews!”


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