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Coming Alive


As we celebrate Jesus being alive this Easter, we also celebrate those that have come alive in light of Jesus’ redeeming grace.

Arrianna’s mother left when she was just 2 years old.

She spent the rest of her childhood being passed from her drug-dealing father, to her abusive mother, and back to dad and step-mom, and finally, at 14, to an elderly great-grandmother. In high school, Arrianna was an honors student but also had to work in order to care for her grandma, but began drinking to alleviate the stress.

In college, her drinking escalated. “I didn’t know what an alcoholic was,” she says. “I’d wake up with the shakes and think I was just nervous, so I’d drink to calm myself down before going to class.”

WATCH as Arrianna shares her own story and journey through the gates of the Orange County Rescue Mission by clicking on the video below.

Arrianna story
Click HERE to watch Arrianna’s story.

Devastated, broken and deeply desiring to be the mom her kids needed, she applied to the Rescue Mission’s long-term recovery program.

“I have stability, confidence and assurance in who I am in Christ and who Christ is in me,” she says. “I’ve overcome addiction and God is healing me.”

“I’m so thankful!” says Arrianna. “I have a place to call home, and a place where my children are happy and feel safe and loved. I’m becoming a better mom and an example of Jesus Christ’s power to eradicate my addiction, and I give Him all the glory.”

Arrianna’s transformation is one you help make possible at Orange County.

If you would like to see others like Arrianna and her children come alive, click HERE to see how you can get involved with the Orange County Rescue Mission.

Arrianna and kids
Arrianna with her children at the Village of Hope.


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