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Christmas Gifts for Homeless Families


Once a year, the Village of Hope experiences a truly magical day: it snows in Orange County! Every December, Orange County Rescue Mission hosts Magic at the Mission, a celebration of the Christmas season for our families here. There is nothing quite like it; the excitement that lights up a child’s face as they play in snow so rarely found in California, the warmth of the community as volunteers come together to bless our residents, the joy of a parent as they choose a gift especially for their child. It is such a beautiful reminder of the true spirit of Christmas.


This event is dear to my heart because it allows us to give the residents of the Village of Hope and their children a joyful Christmas experience, which many have rarely experienced. This Christmas, they are able to celebrate in a safe community without the worries of whether they will be able to provide food or shelter for their little ones.

A unique aspect of this event is that the residents are able to “shop” for Christmas presents for their children! A variety of toys and gifts are available for them to look through and select a special gift to give to their child on Christmas morning. For many, this is meaningful in ways we cannot understand. Due to situations such as homelessness and poverty, many of these parents have never been able to give their child a gift on Christmas day. This is a blessing to both parent and child as they experience the joy of giving and receiving a gift picked especially with that child in mind.


Children too, are able to pick gifts for their parents, which is an exciting experience for them as they learn the selfless joy of giving. To make this event happen, we need help from our friends in the community! We are in need of Christmas gifts for both children and adults to create our “shop” selection for the Rescue Mission residents. Listed below are some gift ideas.

Toys and baby items for infants through toddlers:
102 toys and baby items.

Toys needed for 3 year olds through 5 year olds:
59 toys for boys.
53 toys for girls.
Suggested toy items:
Big crayons, puzzles, board games, books, play sets, blocks, action figures, stuffed animals, trains, cars, dolls

Toys needed for 6 year olds through 8 year olds:
44 toys for boys.
56 toys for girls.
Suggested toy items:
Puzzles, crayons and coloring books, play sets, books, action figures, Nerf balls, stuffed animals, board games, cars, trains, dolls

Toys needed for 9 year olds through 10 year olds:
56 toys for boys.
50 toys for girls.
Suggested toy items:
Art kits, craft kits, Lego sets, play sets, action figures, books, board games, card games, snap together models, stuffed animals, Nerf balls

Toys needed for 11 year olds through 12 year olds:
41 toys for boys.
50 toys for girls.
Suggested toy items:
Art kits, craft kits, Lego sets, books, board games, card games, snap together models, Nerf balls, bracelets, socks, hair accessories

Gifts needed for Moms and Dads, under $20:
54 gifts for Dads.
200 gifts for Moms.
Suggested items for Dads:
Wallets, watches, journals, socks, hooded sweatshirts, baseball caps, journals, water bottles, books
Suggested items for Moms:
Purses/bags, journals, water bottles, costume jewelry, scarves, scented lotions, socks, make-up (mascara, eye liner, lip balm), hair accessories

As you can see, we have a lot of families and gift giving at Christmas! Christmas for families with Orange County Rescue Mission happens because of donors. All donations can be dropped off at 1 Hope Drive in Tustin, Monday through Saturday from 8a-5p. Please do not wrap the gifts, but donations of wrapping paper, gift bags, and tissue paper are greatly appreciated so the residents are able to wrap the gifts themselves.

Thank you for your support as we work together to bless formerly homeless families this Christmas!

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We are in urgent need of your help to provide meals and services for the homeless.

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