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Celebrating America


As we celebrate our nation’s Independence Day and the freedoms that we enjoy, I remember how our history displays the intermingling of God and the course of our nation. Gone are the days when we can give a blind nod of affirmation to our history, without acknowledging the shortcomings and sadly, atrocities. Our shared history – the glory and the pain – is part of me as an American. And yet, our choices do not mitigate the presence of God throughout our history.

I choose to say that I am so thankful to be born into American citizenship, with the many privileges that gives me, including the freedom to acknowledge that God’s love, forgiveness, truth and freedom is among us. And because of these American privileges, I have the choice to do better, to try to live out personally what God’s love, forgiveness, truth and freedom looks like, and I can do it in such a way that it that I help my fellow Americans and others throughout the world.

So I share with you a glimpse into our American history, the thoughts and insights that became part of the fabric of our nation.

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Courtesy of Hobby Lobby.
Courtesy of Hobby Lobby.


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