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Candid Conversation with Religion Unplugged about Christian Values and Nonprofit Work


My interview with Religion Unplugged quickly turned personal, as I shared how even at 14 years old I knew it wasn’t right that my Newport Beach neighbors, a widow and her son, had become homeless. This crisis grieved me, and a few years later I learned that it also grieved God. (James 1:27) These very formative experiences in my teen years shaped my life work.

But Orange County Rescue Mission’s growth and sustainability as an organization is not just founded on a good vision. More importantly, we have led by integrating the values of our Christian faith into everything we do.

Click here to listen to the Religion Unplugged podcast from August 30 (available on the website or Apple Podcast), to hear how Christian values shape everything at Orange County Rescue Mission, from how we design our campuses to how we collaborate with the government.

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