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Buy A Christmas Meal for Just $1.48


Today, you probably are finding that $1.48 barely buys you a cup of coffee.
But this Christmas you can provide an entire Christmas meal, complete with all the trimmings, for just that — $1.48!

It may not seem like much to you, but it can work a miracle for a man or woman in need.

Rescue Mission

Give a gift today and your donation will be matched dollar for dollar

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This Christmas, many of the homeless in our community will turn to us for food, shelter and help to get back on their feet. And you can help us help them. Some after years of living on the streets. Some after last night being their first night on the streets.

For most, we will serve them the first decent meal they have had in weeks. It’s important that we go all out, because this simple act of kindness can lead to a whole new life. The transformation begins when one of our students hears and responds to our Gospel message of hope. Then, through addiction recovery, job-skills training and other help, desperation turns to joy as they get back on their feet.

It’s a fact: whole families are strengthened and healed when one broken man or woman puts their life back together.
Can you imagine $1.48 doing all that?

We have just a few weeks left to purchase the food and finish preparations for Christmas. With the onset of cold and rain, we know more homeless men and women will be turning to us for help. Anything you can send today would help so much. And with every hurting person we help off the streets, our community becomes a better place for us all to live.
Please provide as many meals as you can.

Rescue MissionGive a Give a gift today and your donation will be matched dollar for dollar

match grant


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