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Be Encouraged By Stories of Hope


Today is National Encouragement Day, which aptly falls right after September 11th, a day that will forever be remembered as a dark and sad day in our nation’s history. But the perfect timing of a day dedicated to encouragement on the very next day, September 12th, stands as a beautiful reminder that even in darkness, there is light and hope.

To me there is something so encouraging and hopeful to hear how a person’s life can change. Stories of life change are tangible and incredible examples of the hope that can be found even in the midst of the darkest of circumstances.

On our website, we chronicle these stories as a way to share and reflect on what God has done in the lives and hearts of the Least, the Last, and the Lost. Please click here to read these stories and be encouraged by the fact that change and new life is possible with God.

Stories like Desiree’s, who came to the Rescue Mission eight months pregnant with nowhere to go. Today, she has successfully transitioned out of the program and reconnected with her family. She and her son are living healthy and joyful lives.

Stories like Lindsay’s, who was living at the riverbed trapped in her addiction. Today, she is finishing up her program here at the Village of Hope and is in school with the ambition of becoming a nurse to build a better life for herself and her daughters.

Stories like Yolie and Humberto’s, who lost their home and were living in motels and their car with their four children before they arrived at the Rescue Mission. Today, the family is living on their own after successfully completing the program, both parents are employed full-time, and the family is stronger than ever.

These stories, and many others like them, are just a small glimpse into the incredible life change we see happening every day at the Rescue Mission. I love to share them with you, especially on National Encouragement Day, so that you too can be encouraged knowing that God is moving in amazing ways, hearts are being forever changed, and YOUR support plays a vital role in making it possible.

So please, I encourage you, read these stories and be encouraged by their faith, hope, and joy, knowing that you helped make it possible.

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