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Athletes Against Homelessness


Biola Women's Volleyball
Biola University’s Women’s Volleyball Team instill love for sports into VOH kids

How do we open the eyes of children to new opportunities? They don’t know what they don’t know!

Mind, body and soul are just the basic aspects to consider when you are working toward reversing generations of dysfunction and unhealthy lifestyles. At the Orange County Rescue Mission, we are not just a shelter, warehousing the homeless to keep them off the streets. We are working to transform men, women and children to lives of successful independence and healthy self-sufficiency. So when athletes like the ladies of the Biola University Women’s volleyball team step foot on our campus to teach our kids about a sport they love, we know, even this single day, will leave a lasting impression in the life of a kid. Especially when a lot of these kids have few good examples to look up to, or even the opportunity to learn a new sport.

Thank you athletes, for opening the eyes of a child to being active, to a new passion, and a new healthy interest.

Biola Women's Volleyball
Village of Hope kids get a chance to learn some volleyball skills.

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